Jeremija Hranjec

Senior Project Manager / Innov
Science Park Graz / ESA BIC Austria

Bilateral Meetings

  • Thursday 12:00-15:00
DescriptionSPG is the reference Business Incubator of the Austrian public incubator start-up network (AplusB) and the manager of ESA BIC Austria. Since 2002, SPG is the driving force of the development of successful start-ups from the academic world. SPG is furthermore a key partner for 200 start-ups and entrepreneurial projects in Graz, Styria and beyond, providing coaching, access to business and technical networks, funding and office accommodation. SPG also nurtures strong connections to various national organizations and agencies within the start-up ecosystem in Austria that are beneficial to the development and establishment of the start-ups we support.
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CityGraz, Stremayrgasse 16, 4. floor Google map