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Our flexible and personal approach is something that differentiates us from the competition. We like to keep our business simple and concise. Our no nonsense management team and our workforce are always standing by to advise and help our clients, boost their sales, improve their services or simply support our clients to get more business for the buck. 


In order to provide the best quality on the market we are constantly focusing on improving our core offerings. Besides our core services we work closely together with Digital Branding and Software development experts in order to provide a wider scale of services to our clients. A link to our partnering companies and their portfolio is listed further below in this presentation. 


Due to the fact that all our services can be offered in almost all West European languages, we can help our international customers provide multiple services from one location and with the same level of quality. 


We understand that many business fluctuate, therefore we are able to scale up or down with high number of employees very fast. And not to forget, we offer a free of charge pilot project for every new customer. 


Outsourcing services:

Outbound Telesales and Telemarketing 

Our outbound call center is specialized in providing Telemarketing Services on behalf of business clients in industries such as Financial, Technology, Energy, Mobile phone, Consumer Products, Business Services, and many more. This includes telemarketing, lead generation, outbound sales, appointment setting, database management & market research. Selling different services or different products requires unique approach; therefore we continually tweak and improve our pre and post sales processes in order to get the best possible campaign result.  


Currently 90% of our services are based on direct selling Energy and Mobile Phone contracts to the Dutch market. B2B (Mobile) and B2C (Energy)


We directly sell Energy contracts for clients: Essent, Eneco, Nuon, Electrabel, Oxxio.

We directly sell Mobile Phone contracts for clients: Vodafone, T-Moblie, Tele2, Telfort.


Inbound Customer Support

When it comes to business, upholding an effective connection with clients is very important. Customers want to feel welcome and at home with a business, that is why always having an open customer service support line is necessary. Our inbound call center support team can effortlessly turn an account complain into a positive, well-handled resolution. 


We are offering:


•       Inbound customer support

•       Inbound technical support

•      Order processing

Multilingual Live chat support 

Live chat has become a very popular way to address to your clients online. Almost every telecom provider has this service embedded in their website. Good customer service can go hand in hand with great sales results. We are able to engage young and highly educated professionals who will learn your business, deeply understand your product or services and provide your clients the right information and advice 24/7. It is also a very good tool in order to understand your client’s problems. We are able to log the cases, which later can be used in order to improve the overall service. 


Advantages of live chat summed up: 

·       Lead generation

·       Discovering customer’s pain points and address them real time

·       Automated greetings and welcome messages

·       Personalized on time customer service

Multilingual Data Entry services 


We have a proven track record of offering a wide range of multilingual data entry services. You can be assured of complete accuracy as our team of data entry operators are native professionals and can clearly understand your data entry requirements.


•     Data entry from any business documents and web-based indexing.

•     Data entry from hard copies to digital web-based systems

•     Data entry from hard/soft copies to any format

•     Data cleansing of databases in any required language

•     Directory creation and maintenance services in any required language

•     Document imaging and data capture of documents related to any language

•     Data entry by using OCR

•     Website language translation and data entry

•     Data entry from publications, journals and white papers

•     Data entry of survey forms

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